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Fire hydrants are pressurized water inlet points, made available in strategic places and always very easily accessible, by municipalities, in urban areas, or by companies when it comes to poles. installed in an industrial environment.

In the event of a fire, the firefighters connect a hose to it which allows the jet of pressurized water to be directed towards the fire to be extinguished. The fire poles, in order to be always operational if necessary, are connected to a water network whose pipes have a diameter of at least 100 millimeters.
To ensure the continued availability of a fire hydrant installation, regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out by qualified personnel.

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    1. Prerequisites

    Before operating the device, it is essential to identify the make and model in order to comply with the manufacturer’s specific technical instructions and operating procedures. Each hydrant and hydrant must be repaired with parts from the manufacturer.
    Maintenance of fire hydrants and hydrants Visual and hydraulic checks must be recorded in a report, which must be sent to the person in charge.

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    2. Annual maintenance

    Hydraulic control operations on poles and hydrants must be carried out by means of devices capable of indicating pressure, flow rates or both simultaneously. These devices must be the subject of maintenance and calibration providing proof of their permanent relevance validated by a competent body.

  • Compliance with the operating and maintenance rules of the nfs 62-200 standard