An extinguisher must be inspected annually, an additional maintenance every 5 years and a workshop every 10 years, performed by a competent person or organization.
It must be marked with a clearly identifiable label affixed by the person or organization that performed the interventions.
The years and months of the checks must appear on the label, according to the NFS61-919 standard.
We offer annual audit contracts so we contact you every year to plan our intervention.

Procedure for checking auxiliary water powder fire extinguishers
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    1. Visual verification

    Year extinguishers, shock, condition of the hose, fixing, pin certified to the model. The maximum height of the handle is 1m20 and the fire extinguisher must be indicated by a sign.

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    2. Checking the cartridge and the charge pipe

    Respect of the tolerances of the loads.

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    3. Replacement of the seal, or any other parts, certified to the model

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    4. Reassemble while respecting the tightening torque

    Sealing the date and number. Cleaning and updating the list.